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SOILx is an information service for soil types and soil sites across Canada. SOILx enables you to explore soil data based on mapped locations of soil sites, and view detailed information on each one. To begin, click either the “Map” or “List” options in the Menu above.

NOTE: As of January 2020, SOILx no longer has augmented reality functionality, because of changes in back-end technology. However, all the information about soils at different sites is provided via the map-based interface.

If you have information about other soil sites in Canada, you can incorporate it into the SOILx resource by filling out a simple Excel document and sending it to us. See the “Help” page.

Our goal is to build and enhance SOILx with the aid of others who can add more sites and quality information to our map, so contact us if you have information you want to share!

SOILx is:

  • icon(S)earchable – with filters that allow students, teachers and researchers to see and share customizable sets of soil sites.
  • icon(O)pen – with accessible resources that enhance soil science curricula by engaging learners in the classroom and the field.
  • icon(I)nteractive – with a map accessible on the web that is populated with detailed content from the VSSLR (soilweb.ca) and other sources.
  • icon(L)ocation-Based – with actual, findable soil sites enriched with virtual content

The original SOILx facility (2013-2019) received the following recognition:

Ava Platinum Digital AwardCNIE AwardMarcom Platinum Award

  • Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Integration of Technology in a Formal or Non-Formal Educational Program in 2014.
  • Platinum MARCOM Award in the Mobile and Web-Based Technology category. The award was presented at the International Festival of the Marketing & Communication Industry (MARCOM) in 2014.
  • 2015 Platinum AVA Digital Award in the Information Experience category. The award recognizes excellence in digital communication and was presented by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals in January 2015.
  • BCcampus article: SOILx Adds “Virtual” Layers to our Understanding of Soil.
Funding for the original project was provided by the BCcampus Online Development Fund. The update to rejuvenate data after Google’s Fusion tables were removed was funded as part of a small TLEF grant managed by F. Jones in UBC’s Dep’t of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences.