Jamison Creek Regosol

Soil Site Details: Jamison Creek Regosol

Soils on this site are Regosols. They are the youngest or most recently formed soils and are often associated with a disturbance, such as a landslide or flood. The name Regosol originated from the Greek word rhegos meaning blanket. You can imagine Regosols consisting of a layer or blanket of loose material overlying hard bedrock.

Basic Facts

Soil Order: Regosol
Ecosystem: Coniferous Forest
Climate Zone: Semi-arid
BC Biogeoclimatic Zone: Interior Douglas Fir

Location: Jamison Creek, 5km north of Kamloops
City, Region, Country: Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Lat / Long: 50.91661/ -120.322

Soil Classification

Soil Order: Regosol
Great Group: Regosol
Subgroup: Orthic Regosol
Soil Series: Boxer Creek
Classification Code: O.R
Soil Horizons Present: Ah (thin), C (fluvial), iiC (lacustrine)
Diagnostic Horizon 1: No B
Diagnostic Horizon 2:
Diagnostic Horizon 3:
Diagnostic Horizon 4:

Land Form

Land Form: Alluvial Fan
Parent Material: Alluvial(Fluvial) and lacustrine
Elevation (m): 570
Topography: Inclined
Affected by Glaciation: Yes


Climate Zone: Semi-arid
Mean Annual Temperature (C): 9
Minimum Annual Temperature (C): 3.3
Maximum Annual Temperature (C): 14.4
Mean Annual Precipitation (mm): 400

Land Use

Current Land Use: 2nd growth forest
Original Vegetation: Douglas fir, pinegrass, Lodgepole pine, Ponderosa pine
Current Vegetation: Douglas fir, pinegrass, Lodgepole pine, Ponderosa pine

Technical Description
The soil at this site is of the Regosolic Order. Regosols are young, poorly developed soils which generally lack horizon development. The diagnostic characteristic of this soil is the lack of a B horizon (or < 5 cm thick). This site has fluvial parent material, as it is situated on an alluvial fan. Regosols are formed on unstable landscapes, such as those prone to landslides or in sandy desert environments. The soil at this site falls into the Orthic Regosol Subgroup. Although there is an Ah horizon present, it is less than 10 cm thick and so the profile looks quite uniform from surface to depth. This soil is further classified under the Boxer Creek Soil Series, which have developed on recent alluvial deposits and are therefore not common in the dry interior region of BC. These soil textures vary from fine sandy loam to sand and are imperfectly to poorly drained. PDF with details: 15_Boxer-Creek.pdf
Soil Morphology
Soil Texture of Diagnostic Horizon or Prevailing Texture: Sand
Soil texture horizons: Sandy loam (Ah), Sand (C and IIC)
Soil structure horizons: Weak granular (Ah), Structureless (C and IIC)
Forest Humus Form:
Presence of Charcoal:
Presence of Coatings:
Soil Formation Processes
Primary Soil Process Group: Addition
Primary Soil Process: Deposition of sediments
Secondary Soil Process:


Regosol, from https://processes.soilweb.ca/regosol/.

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