UBC Cultivated Site

Soil Site Details: UBC Cultivated Site

Basic Facts

Soil Order: Podzol
Ecosystem: Agriculture
Climate Zone: Humid maritime
BC Biogeoclimatic Zone: Coastal Western Hemlock

Location: UBC Cultivated Site
City, Region, Country: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Soil Classification

Soil Order: Podzol
Great Group: Humo-Ferric Podzol
Subgroup: Duric Humo-Ferric Podzol
Soil Series: Bose
Classification Code: DU.HFP
Soil Horizons Present: Ap, Bf1, Bf2, BC, C
Diagnostic Horizon 1: Bf
Diagnostic Horizon 2:
Diagnostic Horizon 3:
Diagnostic Horizon 4:

Land Form

Land Form: Glacial till
Parent Material: Glacial till
Elevation (m):
Topography: Level
Affected by Glaciation: Yes


Climate Zone: Coastal Western Hemlock
Mean Annual Temperature (C): 10
Minimum Annual Temperature (C): 6.5
Maximum Annual Temperature (C): 13.7
Mean Annual Precipitation (mm): 1200

Land Use

Current Land Use: Agricultural, cultivated field
Original Vegetation: Douglas fir, western hemlock, western red cedar
Current Vegetation: Annual agric. Crops

Technical Description
Soil Morphology

Soil Texture of Diagnostic Horizon or Prevailing Texture: Loamy sand
Forest Humus Form: None, removed by cultivation
Presence of Charcoal: Yes in Bf
Presence of Coatings: Yes, Fe/Al coatings on coarse fragments in Bf

Soil Formation Processes

Primary Soil Process Group: Transformation
Primary Soil Process: Podzolization
Secondary Soil Process: