UBC Camosun Bog Site

Soil Site Details: UBC Camosun Bog Site

Soils on this site are Organic, and they can also be called peat or bog soils. The main component of these soils is organic matter at different stages of decomposition. These soils are often saturated for long periods of time, resulting in low-oxygen conditions below the surface.

Basic Facts

Soil Order: Organic
Ecosystem: Bog
Climate Zone: Humid Maritime
BC Biogeoclimatic Zone: Coastal Western Hemlock

Location: Camosun Bog-Pacific Spirit Park
City, Region, Country: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Lat / Long: 49.25454/ -123.197

Soil Classification

Soil Order: Organic
Great Group:
Soil Series:
Classification Code:
Soil Horizons Present: Of, Oh, or Om (>40cm)
Diagnostic Horizon 1: Of
Diagnostic Horizon 2: Oh
Diagnostic Horizon 3: Om
Diagnostic Horizon 4:

Land Form

Land Form: Bog
Parent Material: Organic overlying glacio-marine
Elevation (m): 75
Topography: Level
Affected by Glaciation: Yes


Climate Zone: Humid Maritime
Mean Annual Temperature (C): 10
Minimum Annual Temperature (C): 6.5
Maximum Annual Temperature (C): 13.7
Mean Annual Precipitation (mm): 1200

Land Use

Current Land Use: Park
Original Vegetation: Sedges, western hemlock, red cedar
Current Vegetation: Bog vegetation (sphagnum, sedges, Ericaceae)

Technical Description
The soil at this bog site is of the Organic Order. Soils of the Organic order are the dominant wetland soils found in forested regions of Canada. Organic soils contain 17% organic C (or 30% organic matter) by weight. Most organic soils are saturated with water for prolonged periods, as in this site at Camosun Bog. The diagnostic horizon is either an Of, Oh or Om horizon, depending upon the state of decomposition. The parent material is made up of organic matter overlying glacio-marine deposits. In this case, the organic matter is dominated by sphagnum moss, and many layers have decomposed over time.

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Soil Morphology
Soil Texture of Diagnostic Horizon or Prevailing Texture: N/A
Soil texture horizons: Silt (C)
Soil structure horizons:
Forest Humus Form:
Presence of Charcoal:
Presence of Coatings:
Soil Formation Processes
Primary Soil Process Group: Addition
Primary Soil Process: Organic matter accumulation
Secondary Soil Process:


Organic, from https://processes.soilweb.ca/organic/.

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